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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sick, what can Ayurveda do for me?

Ayurveda treats disease at its roots so while you may not be sick today, Ayurveda can help prevent you from developing illness in the future! Outside of prevention, Ayurveda can help you with many other aspects of your wellbeing such as but not limited to: Optimizing your digestion, nutritional coaching, weight regulation, dealing with stress/anxiety, and cultivating healthy lifestyle practices!

I am interested in body therapies, do I need to be a patient to receive them?

The short answer is no! While being an active patient can affect the treatment i.e. different types of oils used, length of treatment, essential oils, pace of massage strokes, even direction of the strokes! A general Tridoshic (balancing to all three Doshas) treatment program is in place for all clients who are not active/past patients!

What types of disease does Ayurveda treat?

While certain diseases may not have been specifically mentioned in classical Ayurvedic texts. This system of medicine is based on experience, it allows anything and everything to be analyzed from an Ayurvedic perspective! Therefore here at AgniVeda we work with all types of disease, whether a minor complaint such as arthritis or severe illness ranging from diabetes to Alzheimer's. Each patient and ailment is unique, and each patient will receive a unique treatment plan!

Do you accept patients who are not local to your business location?

Yes, the internet has opened many possibilities to spread the power of Ayurvedic healing! I accept patients over the platform 'Zoom' for video conferencing from 9am-6pm Pacific Standard Time (PST).

What sort of herbal products do you offer?

To receive herbal products you must be an active patient. Products offered are tailored directly to your individual constitution (Dosha) and the nature of your disease/ailment. Capsulated herbal formulas provide an easy means of ingestion. Medicated Ghees potentize the herbs and shorten the time needed for the herbs to affect us. Medicated oils can provide much relief for skin conditions, Salves provide ease of use for topical application in cases of asthma, wound healing, and muscle/joint pain. Essential oil spritzers provide a quick response to our emotional/mental state. Teas or powders are an alternative to capsules which allows a stronger mind/body connection between the herb's taste and its effect. All in all, many different mediums may be used for different pathologies and/or preferences.

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